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News-Attorney Carl Hall Joins Board of DeMotte/Kankakee Valley Rotary Club

Attorney Carl Hall was recently selected to be on the Board of Directors for the DeMotte/Kankakee Valley Rotary Club and serve as the club’s Treasurer.  The Demotte/Kankakee Valley Rotary Club serves the greater northern Jasper County area encompassing Demotte and Wheatfield and is a part of Rotary International.  The goal of Rotary is to unite people and […]

News-Attorney Steven Scott Attends EEO Seminar

On August 18, 2020, Attorney Steven Scott attended the Indianapolis Virtual EEO Seminar.  The seminar included presentations from employment professionals from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on new changes to federal and state employment laws and inclusion in the workplace.  If you or your organization are interested in learning more about employment laws and the […]

Article-Notice Requirement Under the Indiana Tort Claims Act

The Indiana Tort Claims Act (“ITCA”) governs tort claims against local governmental entities. The ITCA requires that notice of a claim must be provided to the governing body of the governmental entity, and to the Indiana Political Subdivision Risk Management Commission within 180 days of the complained injury. Strict compliance with the notice requirements is […]

News-Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission Issues Advisory Opinion Regarding Lawyer’s Social Media Accounts

In July of 2020, the Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission issued an opinion advising lawyers about the ethical risks of third party comments or tags on a lawyer’s social media. The opinion was in response to a prospective or hypothetical question regarding the ethical rules of attorneys and how the rules apply to the hypothetical […]

ARTICLE-Exploitation of Dependents and Endangered Adults

On March 18, the Indiana General Assembly passed Senate Enrolled Act No. 249.  That Act added I.C. 35-31.5-2-235.2 which addresses the exploitation of dependent and endangered adults, and the penalties that attach thereto. The Enrolled Act prohibits a “person in a position of trust” from engaging in self-dealing with, or exploitation of, the property of […]

ARTICLE-2020 Distracted Driving Law

On July 1, 2020, a new law will take effect that bans the use of mobile phones while operating a motor vehicle, subject to a few narrow exceptions.  The law provides that a person may not hold or use a cellular device while operating a moving motor vehicle. The following actions are excepted from the […]