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NEWS- Attorney Benjamin T. Ballou Appointed Probate Commissioner

The Lake Superior Court, Civil Division recently announced that Attorney Benjamin T. Ballou was appointed as the Probate Commissioner of the Lake Superior Court, Civil Division Room 7, in Crown Point. Commissioner Ballou’s first day as Commissioner was on November 18, 2019. The Probate Courtroom is located in Room #B-105 in the Lake County Government […]

ARTICLE- Religious Exemptions And Flu Vaccinations

The issue of mandatory flu vaccinations and requests for exemption from flu vaccinations based on religious grounds has recently found itself before the EEOC. The EEOC has not taken such religious discrimination claims lightly. In fact, on June 25, 2019, the EEOC released a statement that Memorial Healthcare in Owosso, Michigan would pay damages, along […]

ARTICLE- Indiana’s New Supported Decision Making Rule using Less Restrictive Alternatives

On April 24, 2019, Senate Enrolled Act 380 was signed into law, amending the Indiana guardianship code to add new sections addressing Supported Decision Making (IC § 29-3-14) and Less Restrictive Alternatives (IC § 29-3-1-7.8). The amendments send at least one clear message: a full-blown Guardianship is not the only option. Traditionally, when an incapacitated […]

ARTICLE- How To Choose a Lawyer

You have recently decided to start a new business, plan to buy or sell real estate, finally decided that you have put off  having a Will for entirely too long or encountered a legal problem. You need a lawyer. But the process of selecting a lawyer who meets your needs may seem daunting. How do […]

ARTICLE-Indiana Supreme Court Justice, and Crown Point Native, Justice Geoffrey Slaughter, Says Court Replacing Special Administrator Was Not A Removal Under Indiana Code § 29-1-10-6

On July 22, 2017, Orlando Lewis, Jr. died in a car crash in Monroe County along with his wife, Shante Lewis.  The lone survivor of the crash was the couple’s two-year-old daughter, K.L.  In addition to K.L., Orlando Lewis, Jr. was survived by his six-year-old son, J.T., whose mother is Shana Tolliver.  He was also […]