On March 18, 2021, Attorney Benjamin T. Ballou chaired an ICLEF Virtual Seminar entitled “Trust Planning and Administration from Start to Finish.”  Additionally, Attorney Ballou presented on the following topics: Trustee Rights and Remedies-Dealing with Difficult Beneficiaries and Institutions, and Beneficiary Rights and Remedies-Dealing with a Difficult/Non-Responsive Trustee.  Anyone interested in Trust Planning or Administration, should contact Attorney Benjamin Ballou at Hodges and Davis for more information.


Hodges & Davis, P.C.-April 2021

On March 5, 2021, Attorney Benjamin T. Ballou attended the IHSAA case review panel hearing.  The Case Review Panel is a nine-member panel established by the Indiana High School Athletic Association (IHSAA) and administered by the State Superintendent of Public Instruction.  The Panel reviews final decisions of the IHSAA regarding the application or interpretation of an IHSAA rule to a particular student.

Hodges & Davis-April 2021